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detailed bulge (locked)

A (clothing) bulge that is detailed enough to distinguish the outline of a sheath, penis, or individual balls.

This should typically be paired with one or more of sheath_outline, penis_outline, balls_outline.

This tag implicates bulge (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: balls_outline, penis_outline, sheath_outline (learn more).

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abs anthro armalite black_ears black_fur black_hair black_underwear brown_fur bulge clothed clothing detailed_bulge eyebrows fcsimba fur furgonomics green_eyes grin hair hi_res hyena male partially_clothed pink_inner_ear seductive solo teeth underwear yellow_fur
aaron_(artist) anthro balls_outline bulge clothed clothing detailed_bulge dragon furgonomics grey_skin hi_res male mountain partially_clothed presening_butt rax_zenova red_skin sky solo underwear watermark yellow_underwear
anthro arms_behind_head balls_outline black_nose brown_ears brown_fur brown_hair brown_inner_ear bulge butt clothed detailed_bulge fur furgonomics girly hair hi_res looking_at_viewer looking_back male panties partially_clothed penis_outline pink_panties pink_stockings presenting presenting_bulge presenting_butt raccoon ryai_(character) seductiv shirt_lift solo stirrup_socks stockings suelix thigh_highs white_fur yellow_eyes
anthro balls_outline black_nose brown_ears brown_fur bulge butt claws clothed clothing cursedrhubarb detailed_bulge fur game_controller gloves_(markings) green_claws green_eyes green_hair green_pawpads green_underwear hair male markings partially_clothed pawpads paws pillow presenting presenting_butt smile solo toshaviktory underwear