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Why did the site change?

I've wanted a way to allow suggestions to be made for years, and this was the best way I thought to do that. I am personally horrible at designing front-end, and paying for that would be expensive. As you can probably tell, this is a modified instance of e621, you can find the source code here. This makes several things like tagging, commenting, reporting, and the original intent, suggesting, very easy. Not all users can suggest, you need to be trusted by a site Administrator to get promoted to an Editor

Is YiffyAPI V2 deprecated?

Not yet. This new api version, V3, has not been completed, and is honestly not close to completion right now (the api itself is practically done, it's just devoid of content). Once that problem is solved, and after a period of 6 months, V2 will be deprecated. You can still find our module for YiffyAPI V2 here

Why Can't I Do X

By default, newly registered users are categorized into the Viewer role. These users cannot edit most aspects of the site. Viewers can be upgraded to a Editor. You can also apply to be an editor here.